Top Hair Trends That Were Huge in 2018

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Which were the hottest hair trends in 2018? Take a look…

 Double Barette

From fashion shows to street style, barrettes were the hottest hair accessory for 2018. So easy to style your hair with, so small yet so powerful.


Credit: Pinterest

It is true, braids never go out of style. They are classic. 

Baby Bangs 

Baby bangs were the hottest hair trend of 2018, but it looks like this trend is following us in 2019 too. The famous model Kaia Gerber was seen with baby bangs at the Miu Miu spring 2019 runway in Paris. Are baby bangs the boldest hairstyle ever? What do you think? Are you brave enough to try it?

Going Retro 

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 If you’re looking for haircut and style inspiration you should look to years past. The hair trends of ’90s are coming back. Everything, eventually comes back. The perfect example is the whole retro look. 


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Scrunchies were always the biggest accessory used for our hair. 

What do you think? Which were the hottest hair trends of 2018? 

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