Top Reasons To Visit Phuket Every Summer

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If you want to get a taste of exotic Thailand, then you must definitely visit Phuket.

Phuket is just beautiful. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand. It has something for everyone, it’s never boring. Surrounded by beautiful turquoise, coloured water, nature, this island is a must to visit. Also, it has been fully recovered from the Tsunami which badly damaged Phuket on 2004. But, now it is ready and waiting to be visited and loved. If you’re thinking about visiting this breathtaking island this summer, here are some reasons to make it easy for you:

The beaches

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There’s nothing better than spending your summer laying in one of Phuket’s beaches. The water is so clean you can see your toes. The sand is warm and soft. The sun is always out. The fun has no end.

The islands

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Phuket has many beautiful islands to explore. There are a lot of islands well know, but there are also some hidden gems that you’ll get to explore on a sailing trip. It’s easy to explore, because there are many tours offering day trips out to the islands. Don’t miss the fun.

Breathtaking sunsets

You might think that you’re not going to visit a place just because its sunsets, but look at this view. How can you miss this? Watching sunsets it is a relaxing way to reflect on the day that you had and peacefully watch the day turn into night.


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Phuket is the ideal place for sailing. The Andaman Sea that surrounds Phuket it’s the perfect spot because of its calmer waters.


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In Phuket, there are numerous diving centres around the islands to book diving trips. It is worth it and beautiful to explore the diversity of life that exists in the water.

The food

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Another good reason to visit this beautiful island, is the food. From cheap street food to fine dining, you got options.

Have you ever visited Phuket? Did you like it? Tell me about your experience.