Top Reasons To Visit Poland

Poland may not be an obvious holiday destination, but it’s the ideal place for a weekend getaway, a skiing trip, or a peaceful beach escape.

Poland isn’t a small country, it’s actually one of the largest ones. It’s the 9th largest country in Europe. From breathtaking natural beauty, to rich history and mouthwatering food, Poland has a lot to offer. Everyone must visit it at least once in their lifetime. If you’re thinking about visiting Poland, here are some reasons to make it easy for you:


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Kraków it’s one of the country’s centres for art and culture and is full of beautiful buildings.  The architecture is fascinating. Kraków will charm you with its beauty.


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In the last 20 years, Warsaw has undergone some rapid changes. It has developed into a city for new business, turned into a tourist hub. From its hip bars, vegan restaurants, alternative clubs, there’s a lot to see and do. Many call it the new Berlin.

The food

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Food is one of the most important reasons to visit Poland. It’s a paradise for foodies. The most recommendable dishes are: bigos, kotlet schabowy, pierogi and gołąbki.

The nature

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Poland has a very diverse nature. It has breathtaking mountain rages. The Tatras are a true paradise for nature lovers.


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Poland is all about summer fun & golden beaches. It’s the perfect place to relax and get that perfect tan we desire.

Also, the people are very welcoming and kind. They’ll make you feel like home.

What do you think of Poland? Have you ever visited it? How was your experience?