Top Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore it’s one of the most beautiful places.

One town that deserves to be visited over and over again is Singapore. This city changes so fast that it looks like a totally different place every four years. That’s why, even if you visited Singapore before, there is a good reason for you to come back, and experience it all over again. There are a lot to see & a lot to do.

Singapore is a beautiful city. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures with fantastic architecture. It has a lot to offer, it has a great location, and to top it all it has the most breathtaking view.

The Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

This incredible rooftop pool has the size of three Olympic swimming pools, making it the longest elevated infinity pool in the world. I can talk about the view, but I guess the picture says it all.

The world’s tallest indoor waterfall

Would you like to stand in front of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall? Of course you would want, look at this beautiful view. It’s pretty spectacular, and the cloud forest itself is a cool experience.


Another good reason to visit Singapore is this colourful neighbourhood with iconic shophouses.

Street Art

Everywhere around Singapore, there is art. You are surrounded with art. It’s a really creative place.

The Food

Food is an essential part of Singaporean culture. You can find everything from Malay dishes, Indian food, Arab dishes, Chinese food, Japanese food and also international food.

Amazing Parks

The retreat from the bustling city is therapeutic and the parks  provide the perfect place to take in Singapore’s distinct scenery.


Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Amazing Restaurants

Singapore has an extensive array of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world.

The Traditions

Despite its small size, the local customs and culture in Singapore are unique and a mixture of various ethnic influences.

Enjoy your time!