Top Reasons to visit Sri Lanka

Sandy beaches, wildlife safari & underwater adventures, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for people of all tastes.

Sri Lanka is a popular exotic island country which is descended upon by travellers each year. Visiting Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never regret. It offers luxury, scenic views, rich culture and history all in one. It’s a magical destination where you will find trails and blue azure waters. It’s heaven on earth.

Why should you visit Sri Lanka? Let me tell you.

Beautiful Beaches

Sri Lankan beaches offer romantic serenity for honeymoon couples. Sri Lankan beaches are the best to enjoy sun & fun activities while soaking in the romance. But, those breathtaking beaches are not meant only for couples, your children can enjoy the beauty of it too.


If you are into the wildlife, you can go on a safari through the jungle, or go whale watching. Uda Walawe National Park is the best place to go, you can see snakes, lizards, elephants, elusive leopard, different species of birds. Sri Lanka also has 5,800 wild elephants ambling about and the biggest concentration of leopards in the world.

Get lost in caves


Sri Lanka is waiting to be explored. Spend a day just to explore around the place. You can find beautiful caves with beautiful views.


If you like surfing, or swimming, you are in the right place. Sri Lanka offers the warmest, clearest water, so clean you can see your toes. And what’s better than surfing while looking at a breathtaking view? Nothing.

Good-looking rocks

A must-visit attraction.


The culture of Sri Lanka is fascinating. With numerous ancient sculptures, 2000 years old monasteries, stupas and age-old statues, Sri Lanka is famous as a culturally and historically rich country.

Beautiful sunsets

Just by looking at those pictures, my eyes are relaxed. Well, imagine how this looks in real life. Enjoy the view & don’t forget your camera.

The food


Sri Lankan cuisine is an assortment of fresh seafood and tropical fruits. Prawns, lobster, crabs and all types of sea fishes are served here with steamed rice, the staple here.

Tea Plantations

Since 1866, Sri Lanka has been famous for its tea plantation that was started by James Taylor, a Scottish planter.

Have fun!