Top Reasons To Visit Sydney

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Sydney is a beautiful city. It doesn’t matter in what you’re interested, Sydney has it all. Starting from cultural activities, outdoors adventures, crazy wildlife, historical building, breathtaking beaches and so on.

A lot might think that Sydney is the capital city of Australia, but is not. However, it is understandable why people think it is because in Sydney there are a lot to see and do, so many beautiful attractions. It is the largest metropolitan city of Australia. Everyone must visit Sydney at least once in their lifetime. It’s worth it.

If you’re thinking of visiting Sydney, but you’re not sure, here are some top reasons to make it easy for you:

Sydney Opera House

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Sydney wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House will be a highlight of your visit to Sydney, trust me, you won’t regret it. With over 40 shows every week and lots of restaurants, bars and cafes, it offers a lot. The construction of Sydney Opera House was expected to take four years, but it took 14 years. Work commenced in 1959 and involved 10,000 construction workers. Crazy, huh?

Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains are a popular tourist destination receiving around three million day trippers each year. The Blue Mountains are made up of million hectares of sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and so on. But, why are they called The Blue Mountains? Apparently, looking at the Blue Mountains from Sydney, the ochre-toned cliffs appear to be clad in blue.

The Jenolan Caves

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Another amazing natural attraction that you shouldn’t miss is the Jenolan Caves. It’s one of the world’s oldest underground cave systems.

Taronga Zoo

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With over 2,600 animals and around 340 species, the Taronga Zoo has to be the best zoo in the world. If you’re an animal lover, then don’t go home without visiting the beautiful animals here. Starting from Koalas, Kangaroos, Elephants, Tigers and so on, you’ll definitely find your favourite animal.

Vivid Festival

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Vivid Sydney is a 23-day festival of light, music and ideas that will run from 25 May to 16 June 2018. It’s beautiful, and you’ll get the chance to meet new friends. People are so kind and friendly here.

The Beaches

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Australia has some of the best beaches. But, Sydney’s Bondi Beach is one of the most well known beaches in Australia.

The Food

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Last but not least is the delicious food of Sydney. They have everything.

What do you think of Sydney? Have you ever visited it? How was your experience?