Top Reasons To Visit Vancouver

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Vancouver has it all; big city, friendly locals, stunning nature.

Vancouver is a North American city that really has it all. You must visit Vancouver at least once in your lifetime. There are a lot to see and do. So, here are some top reasons why it’s a must to visit Vancouver:

The Food

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When there’s good food, there’s life. Thanks to Vancouver’s diverse population, the city is home to numerous delicious restaurants, eateries, cafés. There are a lot of places that serve Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, German, Korean cuisine. So, I am pretty sure you’ll find what you desire.

The People

Canadians are known as friendly and hospitality. They’ll make you feel like home. They are also very open-minded. Vancouver  has a large gay community. Once you’ve arrived you’ll see the lovely rainbow crosswalks on Davie Street. Vancouver is home to one of the Canada’s largest annual gay pride parades.

The Mountains

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Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. It’s full of nature. There are three main mountains close to the city: Cypress Mountain, Mount Seymour, and Grouse Mountain. Visit them and you’ll be speechless by their beauty.

The Ocean

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From the mountains to the ocean, Vancouver has it all. If you’re tired of the city, you can always take a break and go to the beach. Lay by the beach, get that perfect tan, swim endlessly, and have no worries for the rest of the day…

The Parks

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There’s two must-visit parks. First, there is Stanley Park, one of the biggest urban parks in North America. Second, there is Queen Elizabeth Park. Each of them has its own beauty, its own uniqueness.

What do you think of Vancouver? Have you ever been there? Tell me your experience.