Top Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit Albania

Are you looking for an unforgettable trip? If so, look no further than Albania.

If you’re into untouched places, then trust me Albania is the ideal place for you. Albania is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It has everything, and by everything i mean everything. Personally, i’ve been in a lot of places but Albania really got my heart. I literally visit Albania every summer, and i can never get enough of its beauty. Every time i visit Albania, i try to visit a different beach, a different place. Every place has its own story, its own uniqueness and I love everything about it.

Not too many know about this beautiful place, so here are some reasons why everyone must visit Albania at least once in their lifetime. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Delicious Food

When there’s food, there’s life. Albania has the most delicious food ever. Albanian women are such great cookers, and they never stop trying new things. There’s so much to try. Starting from Flia, also known as Fli or Flija, which is a traditional meal that is usually prepared in Albania, but also in Kosovo too, and it has to be the most delicious meal. If you ever decide to visit Albania, be prepared to gain some weight.

Beautiful Beaches

If you’re looking for a place to find peace and relax, swim in a clear water and get that perfect tan, then there’s nothing better than Albanian beaches. Starting from Saranda, Ksamil, Jala, Gjipe, Vlora, Syri I kalter ( The Blue Eye), there are million options. Every beach has its own beauty, but there’s something about Ksamil that makes it different from the others, so if you ever visit Albania, choose Ksamil.

The Legend Of Rozafa

Every place in Albania has history, for example Shkodra. In case you don’t know, Rozafa Castle is associated with a famous legend about a woman who was buried in the foundation of the castle. Three brothers tried to build a castle, but it never worked. So, a clever old man advised them to sacrifice someone so that the wall would stand. They choose the young woman called Rozafa, she accepted. But, in one condition that they must leave her right breast exposed as to feed her newborn son. The legend says there’s still milk coming from her breast, and if a blind person would wash their eyes with it, it can heal its eyes. Beautiful story, isn’t it? Rozafa Castle is visited from a lot of tourists, so don’t miss it.

Another beautiful thing about Albania, is the people who live there. Albanians are very friendly and kind. They’re so welcoming. The nightlife is crazy. There are lots of clubs. Also, Albania has to be the cheapest place. 

What do you think of Albania? Have you ever been there?