Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Hungary

Hungary sits at the heart of Central Europe, full of beauty, full of adventures. 

From its cosmopolitan capital city to its charming countryside, there are plenty reasons why everyone should visit Hungary at least once in their lifetime.

The Food

In Hungary, there are so many delicious dishes to try. The most famous Hungarian dish is Gulyás or Goulash.


Everywhere in Hungary, there are endless, beautiful, old architecture. You can simply spend a whole day, just walking around the streets of Hungary and you’ll be amazed by the beauty of these old buildings.


If you haven’t been to an Opera before, then you should definitely go in Budapest.

The Best Thermal Baths

Hungary is famous worldwide for the thermal baths.

The Wine

Tokaji Aszu might be the most famous Hungarian wine. If you’re a wine lover, then you must visit Hungary, it is very cheap to go wine tasting.

Balaton Lake

Balaton lake is also known as the Hungarian sea. It’s not a sea, but it’s the biggest lake in Europe.

Bükk National Park

Bükk is Hungary’s largest national park. It’s a natural beauty.