Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Kosovo

Kosovo might not be the first destination you think for vacation due to its location at the middle of inland Balkan, but trust me it’s all worth it.  

I’ve been living in Kosovo since I was born, and I have to stay that it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Full of adventures, full of kind and welcoming people. The fact that It’s quite unexplored makes it a lot more exciting to explore.

Here are some reasons why everyone should visit Kosovo at least once in their lifetime; 

Delicious Food

In Kosovo, there are a lot of delicious traditional dishes such as Flija, pies, sarma, stuffed peppers, legume and so on. Despite the traditional food, in Kosovo you can find anything you like. It doesn’t matter if you  like pizza, burgers, Kosovo has it all. Also, the food is very cheap.

History & Culture

Kosovo has a beautiful culture and history. When we think of the history of the Kosovo, the first thing that comes in our mind is the war, but there is so much more history to discover. Also, traditional clothes in Kosovo takes a special place in Cultural heritage of Kosovo.

Beautiful Places To Visit

There are a lot of beautiful, interesting places to visit in Kosovo. Starting from Prizren, Rugova, Pristina, Gjakova, Peja and so on. Every place has its own beauty.

The White Drin Waterfall

Located in the Žljeb mountain in the Prokletije in the village of Radavc, 11 km away from the town of Peja, the white Drin waterfall it’s a popular tourist attraction.

The City Of Pristina

Pristina is the capital and the largest city of Kosovo. There’s so much to see and do. The nightlife is crazy. It doesn’t matter when you choose to visit Kosovo, Pristina is beautiful in every season. Especially during winter, it gets that warm, good vibe.

Also, the people who live here are so kind and friendly. They’re so welcoming.