Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Norway

Norway is a top destination for the world traveler.

Norway is a country with plenty of space, beautiful places, friendly people and a lot more to offer. Norway has something to satisfy every kind of visitor. There is a lot to see & a lot to do.

The happiest country in the world

According to World Happiness Report, Norway officially got the title of the happiest country in the world. Norwegians are very kind-hearted people. If you decide to visit Norway, you will feel more than welcomed, that’s for sure.

The cities

Olso, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Stavanger are all worth visiting. Interesting museums, cultural venues, fantastic mountains, there is something to do for everyone.

On top of the world at Trolltunga

Trolltunga is a long rock formation which sticks out 1100 metres above the Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Hordaland County. The view is breathtaking, but getting there is quite a challenge. If you want to hike to Trolltunga, the hike should start no later than 09:00 because the hike itself takes around 10-12 hours. All those hours of hiking, but believe me, in the end it’s all worth it. Life is a climb but the view is great. All you need with you is good company, plenty of water, food, nice weather and you are ready to go.Trolltunga will make you feel like king of the world!

Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis is also know as a polar light. It usually occurs during September, October, March and April although it’s not completely clear. I could explain its beauty, but I think the picture says it all. All I have to say is don’t forget your camera, and take the most stunning photos ever!


Kjerag or Kiragg is a mountain in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The 1,110-metre tall mountain sits on the southern shore of the Lysefjorden, just southwest of the village of Lysebotn. Kjeragbolten in Norway is an unusual boulder which stands between two sides of 984 metre-high mountain crevice. It might look dangerous, but, surprisingly it doesn’t move, at all.


For a nature lover, Norway is nothing short of spectacular. From polar bears to moose, musk oxen, whales, wolves, bears, eagles, there are a lot to see. If you visit the Svalbard Islands north of Norwegian coast, there’s a great chance you might come across real polar bears.

The roads

If a road trip is on the agenda, then you are in the right place. Norway has some epic roads to drive on.


The so-called stave churches can be found only in Norway.

Beautiful sunsets

Breathtaking view!

Another good-important reason to visit Norway is that the crime rate is low. As a traveler in Norway, you don’t have to fret about frequent crime. So, don’t worry about a thing & enjoy everything.