Unique Bathroom Designs

Credit: Pinterest

“When all else fails take a bath”.

Despite the kitchen, the bathroom might be the most important room.

It’s where you start and end your day, it’s where you can sing endlessly without anyone telling you that you are a terrible singer, it’s the perfect place to unwind, relax after a long day. It’s where inspiration strikes, it’s where we get our best ideas. It’s where we can look however we want and enjoy it. It’s literally the only place that we are completely ourselves.

Now that I think about it, damn, we do spend a lot of our time in the bathroom. If we spend a lot of our time in bathroom, why not having a perfect one?

But, the bathroom, quite frankly, is that room in the house that we take most for granted. However, we must show extra attention to it. Because, did you know that the bathroom is the most judged room in your house? Yeah, i bet you didn’t.

However, when it comes to decorating our house in general there are two types of people. The ones who like to keep it simply, and the others who like things more complicated, more unique than basics, the ones who like to risk.

If you are a risk lover and you are looking for unique bathroom designs then let me show you some ideas: