Visiting Ibiza – a must!

Why it’s a must to visit Ibiza? 

Ibiza is known for it’s buzzing nightlife, but there’s much more than just partying.

You can do a lot of fun things in Ibiza, and not one of them mentions going to a club. Ibiza is an island that caters to every taste, a restful break, magical rock formations to stylish beachside restaurants, there’s no shortage of incredible beaches.

Let’s take a look at the other side of Ibiza, instead of clubs and nightlife :

“Secret” Beaches

As we said, there’s no shortage of incredible beaches in Ibiza, but some of the best beaches are crowded and noisy. If you like to explore instead of just sitting by the beach, then you are in the right place. If you are prepared to walk or swim to find your perfect Ibiza beach, you are lucky, because no matter where you go on the island, shimmering turquoise waters and soft white sand aren’t very far away. Enjoy exploring the wild life!

Visit Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a small rocky island of the South Western seaboard off the Spanish island of Ibiza. It’s the most magical spot in Ibiza. Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on earth. The weirdest thing about it is that, many people have claimed to have seen UFOs around the island and some believe that there is a secret UFO base under the sea. However, it’s the most magnificent and magical place. When the sun sinks into the sea and the sky turns red, there’s no word to explain it, so, please don’t forget your camera. Enjoy the view!

Dine at Aiyanna Ibiza

Aiyanna Ibiza is easly the most beautiful beachside restaurant in Ibiza. Probably one of the most stylish too, with it’s wooden decked terraces, modern design and opening dining space. It’s not just about the amazing view, here the food is exceptional. There’s everything you wish for. Dishes include seafood, desserts, anything you like. Aiyanna also host weddings and events, so if you are looking for the ideal place to get married, or maybe celebrate your birthday,  you are welcomed here.

Barceló Portinatx – Adults only

The Barcelo Portinatx is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the charm of Ibiza. A fairytale setting perfect for a stay relaxed on the seafront and the opportunity for lovers of sports to enjoy all kinds of water sports, hiking or cycling. Ideal for honeymoon. Don’t miss it!

Visit the Hippy Markets

Have you heard about Ibiza’s famous Hippy Market? It’s a must see for every holidaymaker. You can enjoy a fabulous shopping experience.Ibiza has strong artistic roots going back to the early ’60s when artisans, painters and designers flocked to the island to experience its unique atmosphere, incredible light and freedom of expression.

Don’t miss the fun!