Wearing a Denim Skirt as a Top

Credit: Pinterest

Can we wear a denim skirt as a top? Well, Rihanna says yes. 

Rihanna is undoubtably a fashion icon. She is a trend setter. Everything she wears, is what everyone will be wearing the next day. I can surely say that she is the bravest celebrity ever. She is so confident, and I guess that’s why she makes everything look good. Especially wearing a denim skirt as a top, crazy huh?

I mean, I would have never thought about that. Wearing a denim skirt as a top it’s definitely my first time seeing it. It’s not something that you can say “oh yeah, it was the biggest trend of the ’90s”, this is brand new. She is the first person to ever try it and pull it off.

Looking at those pics, wearing a denim skirt as a top doesn’t seem to be that bad. After all, fashion has no rules, even if there are rules they are meant to be broken. And, Riri doesn’t know anything about rules. That’s how everyone should be. To try new things to wear, to be confident.

Also, never forget when Rihanna said “She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit”. 

What do you think of wearing a denim skirt as a top? Do you think it will turn in a huge trend? Are you willing to try it?