Wearing Dark Colour Lipstick

“If i walk outside without lipstick, i feel naked”.

I find lipstick attractive. It signifies audacity, confidence and attention to detail. It can be intimidating, actually, but oftentimes that’s hot.

But, the question is, when was the first time women started wearing lipstick? Well, the history of lipstick tells me that lip colouring started to gain some popularity in 16th century England, during the time of Queen Elizabeth I red lips became fashionable. The idea of lipstick came in ancient times, and now it is a modern product that we can’t live without. And, since then, women never stopped wearing lipstick.

Wearing lipstick can tell a lot about a women’s personality. It’s not just a mere cosmetic enhancement, it changes the way you feel about yourself, it makes you feel more confident, it makes you look more fashionable and so on…

But, what’s better than lipstick? Definitely, dark colour lipstick. Dark colours are beautiful. Some might think that dark colour lipsticks are only for Halloween, but that’s not true. Dark lipsticks are on trending, and literally everyone’s wearing it. It’s time to embrace dark colours. We should stop treating dark colours like they are sad colours. They are beautiful, and wearing them it’s the best thing we can do.

You can wear dark lipstick anytime. Especially, if you wear it during night time, you are free to go for a total dark look.