Wearing Ripped Jeans All Summer Long

“If my ripped jeans keep ripping, i’ll need to buy new ripped jeans”. 

Once a trend, always a trend. Personally, I love ripped jeans because it gives off an edge to your outfit. Also, the comfortability as well that allows a part of your legs to breathe and not suffocate inside those tightly closed jeans, we’ll be needing that, especially during summer.

Ripped jeans are always the answer. But, of course it depends on the occasion. As for me, my closet is full of ripped jeans, and sometimes when I have to go somewhere where you shouldn’t wear ripped jeans, it’s a problem for me. However, when it comes to going out, going on a date and so on, ripped jeans are simply the best.

The best thing about wearing ripped jeans, is that you can literally wear them with anything you like. Shirts, t-shirt, crop tops, high heels, sneakers and so on…

Wearing ripped jeans it’s alright. But, wearing butt ripped jeans, i mean is that necessary?

Anyways, everyone has their own taste and everyone must wear the clothes they think they’ll feel most comfortable. But, keep one thing in mind; try to wear the clothes you like, the clothes that represent you as a person, not the clothes that are on trending.